An indication of the credibility and security of an online establishment is the gaming license. A legalized economic activity is an honest game proves that provides good winnings to players. All activity of WAZOBET is regulated by the license of Curacao and in accordance with the rules and laws of the country. The Curacao license is issued by the Curacao Ministry of Justice. Compliance with the political and legal decisions of the authorities remains the company's priority. Keep in mind that WAZOBET allows you to play only the adults(18+).

Licensed and regulated by Curacao eGaming Association

  1. Introduction

    1. By using and/or visiting any section of the project WAZOBET governing by the AzRa678 N.V., or by opening an account the User accepts the following Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and the rules of all the games, special promotions and bonuses, the conditions of marketing policy, which periodically may be observed on this site. All the terms and conditions described below shall be named “Rules”. Read carefully all the conditions before accepting them. If you don’t agree with them or don’t want to follow them, do not open the player account and stop using the resources of the Website. The conditions take effect starting December 20th, 2018.
  2. Parties

    1. The information on the Website is regulated under the license, founded on the territory of Curacao. The work of the Website and its resources is fully licensed and in compliance with the jurisdictions of the country. The email for all your inquiries is
  3. Changes of the Agreement

    1. AzRa678 N.V. reserves the right to change, edit, update any Rules upon legal, commercial or other reason, as well as those, aimed at improving user service without any prior notice to the Users. All new rules and the date they enter into force shall be published on the Website of the venue. The Player undertakes to familiarize himself/herself with the current ruled. The User shall check the Rules section regularly.
    2. If you do not agree with amendments, you may seize using the resources of the Website and close your player account. The use of the Website after the changes have come into force shall be regarded as your consent to all the Rules including the changes, regardless whether you have been informed of the updates.
  4. General Terms

    1. Under no circumstances it is allowed to enter the Website for the Users under the legal age. The access to the gambling games is forbidden for the individuals under the age of 18 years according to the law of the jurisdiction. The use of the Website by all the Users under 18 years of age is considered to be a violation of Rules. The Company reserves the right to ask you to provide the copies of the documents to make sure you are of legal age. The Administration reserves the right to suspend the User account and refuse the service unless the documentation is not provided and the age is not verified.
    2. The Administration does not render services which may violate the law in a certain jurisdiction. You acknowledge using the services which are legal under the law of the jurisdiction that applies to you. The company is not responsible if you use the Website in any unauthorized or illegal way.
    3. Users from the following countries and their territories (“Restricted Countries”) are not allowed to deposit and play real money games: United States of America, Turkey. The Casino cannot guarantee successful processing of withdrawals or refunds in the event that player breaches this Restricted Countries policy. The list of the jurisdictions may be changed without any prior notice to the Users. By accepting the Rules, you confirm that you shall not open and/or use the gambling account if you reside in one of such jurisdictions.
    4. The Users are fully responsible for all fees and taxes accompanying to, and rising from winnings when using the Website. If winnings are taxable under the local jurisdiction the User is fully responsible to keep track and report the winnings/losses to the appropriate authorities.
  5. Terms to Open the Player Account

    1. To open the player’s account, you should simply indicate your email or phone number and set up a password which will be used to enter the Website. On the Website it is also required to indicate your name and the date of birth. The registration is also available via social networks. In such a case the indicated account in social networks is used for the User identification upon entering the Website of the casino.
    2. Your name provided during the registration process should correspond to your real name, as the Company reserves the right to ask you to provide the documentation to verify your identity. If the User refuses to provide such documentation, the Administration has the right to suspend the player account till the time the appropriate documentation is not provided.
    3. The registration via social network and email is considered to be simplified. The Player has access to the following Website options: the ability to play the games, make deposits, and participate in Website promotions.
    4. Upon the registration the User acknowledge the validity and accuracy of the personal information and in case of any changes he/she shall update the profile. In case the Player does not comply with this section his/her account may be suspended, any claims shall be denied.
    5. Should you have any questions during the registration process feel free to contact us via online chat or via email:
    6. You can register only one account per one computer, IP address, and phone. The other accounts registered by the same User shall be considered “Duplicate Accounts”. They may be closed at any time; the account may be frozen according to the severe violation of the Rules.
  6. Identity Verification

    1. By using the Website, the Players acknowledge the following terms and conditions:
      1. The Player’s age upon registration is over 18 years upon the law of the jurisdiction of your country.
      2. The User is a sole owner of the funds which are on the account. All the personal information provided in the profile must completely correspond to the name on the credit/debit card or other accounts which will be provided for deposit or withdrawal of winnings.
      3. The User fully acknowledges that there is a risk of losing money deposited on the account through the use of the gambling resources of the Casino. All Users acknowledge that they play the games at their own risk and discretion. In the event of losses and damages no claim shall lie against the Administration.
      4. The Users accept all general rules of the Website usage and conducting the game online. The Players are responsible for the bets they place and the game they play. The Users undertake not to perform any illegal activities that may harm the Website’s credibility.
    2. By accepting the Rules, the Company has the right to make inspections from time to time in case other third parties will demand to validate the contact information and the identity of the Player.
    3. During those inspections the account will be frozen and the possibility of money withdrawal will be limited.
    4. If the provided personal information fails to be true or accurate, the Player automatically shall be considered as the one who violates the Rules and the Administration keeps the right to deny in the use of the Website resources and other actions in their own discretion.
  7. Account Security

    1. After opening the account, the Users shall not reveal their login and password information. In case you forget the login data to the account, you may restore them by clicking on the button “Remind password”.
    2. The Users are responsible for all the activities which are conducted on their account and for securing the password, as well as for all the damages and losses that may be caused by the third parties.
    3. The Players undertake the responsibility to inform the Administration of the unauthorized access to their personal account and about the security breach. The Company is not responsible for the illegal damage, caused by the individuals who have got the access to your account.
  8. Cancellation Policy

    1. If you want to start playing on the Website of the Casino, specific amount of funds must be available on your account.
    2. You undertake to accept and put through the following sections:
      1. All money funds that are transferred to your account must not be of unlawful origin;
      2. The User undertakes not to reject previously accomplished transaction and not to cancel the payment already made.
    3. The Company shall not accept any funds from the third parties, including but not limited to the User’s relatives, friends, spouses and partners. It is allowed to make deposits only with the help of those cards and payment systems which require identification and which are registered in the name of the User. When during the time of verification checks the violations of these terms are observed, the Company reserves the right to charge back all the winnings gained by the funds.
    4. If the User receives the notification for the wire transfer of the funds, all the fees or commissions will be paid by the receiver.
    5. Sole phone number shall be used to make deposits on the Player Account with the help of SMS. This phone number shall be defined in the User’s profile. One should keep in mind, that only half of the deposit sum will be received on the account. The Company does not allow the Users to take loans from the selected mobile phone providers. SMS-deposits cannot be made when the balance is negative. If the User violates these terms, the Company reserves the right to add the Player in the black list and suspend his/her account.
    6. The Casino does not accept funds in cash. To process the e-payments the Company cooperates with third parties and financial institutions. You acknowledge your consent to work with them if the rules and regulations of such institutions do not contradict with the current Terms of the Company.
    7. The User undertakes not to cancel the posted transactions or other payment transactions and in any case shall compensate the Company for the funds which have been unplaced as well as all the expenses related with the deposit withdrawal.
    8. If some criminal or suspicious funds deposits as well as the usage of the stolen credit card (including but not limited to the annulment and any refunds) are registered on the Website, the Company reserves the right to suspend the player account and refund the funds gained by the unlawful activities. The Company shall inform the appropriate institutions or authorities of illegal actions, as well as cooperate with debt collection agencies to get back the payments. The Company is not responsible for the fraudulent usage of credits card regardless whether the theft has been declared.
    9. The Users acknowledge that the Player Account is not a bank account therefore none of the policies of the banking insurance or endowment insurance may be applicable.
  9. Terms of the Offer

    1. By registering the account, the User agrees to comply with the Casino rules in regards to the methods of payment.
    2. The User may file request for money withdrawal from the player account at any time under the following conditions:
      1. All the payments transferred to the player account were verified and none of it was declined or annulled;
      2. The transaction went through all the stages of the verification process which proved its legality and integrity.
    3. When filing the request to cash out the funds, the User should pay attention to the following sections:
      1. Your profile should contain complete personal information.
      2. The funds should be withdrawn by the same payment method used for making the deposit.
      3. The procedure of identification takes place if the amount of the transaction is naira 10000 or more. The User shall send the copy or digital photo of a document that proves the identity (ID card, passport, utilities bills to verify the address). In case the User has made deposit with the banking card he/she must send the copies of both sides of the card. First 6 digits and the last 4 digits of the card number must be clearly visible, CVV2 can be blurred.
      4. In case the amount of the bets is three times less than the sum of all User’s deposits, the Company may retain 10% (not less than naira 100) from the withdrawal amount. In case the deposit has been made with the bank card, 20% of the amount withdrawn will be deducted.
      5. Monthly withdrawal limit is 2.500.000,00 Naira, limits can be extended by the customer request. Limits of payment systems applied.
      6. In case withdrawal request exceeds current balance on player account it will be cancelled.
      7. In case the Player wins more than naira 300 000 the Company reserves the right to divide the winning amount between monthly payments. These rules do not apply to the winning connected to the progressive jack pots.
      8. The Users confirm their agreement with the current schedule of the gambling funds withdrawal. The requests for funds withdrawal are considered five working days, Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (GMT). The Company is not responsible for any delays which appear after the requests have been processed by the managers of the Casino.
      9. If the deposit on the Player Account is made via the mobile phone providers, the payment shall be made no earlier than 2 weeks after the last deposit has been received. This delay is caused by the investigation of possible illegal activities.
    4. The Company reserves the right to deduct the fees for the withdrawal of those funds which have not been used for the gambling games.
    5. If the player is abusing the loyalty of the Casino for the purpose of money laundering, the Casino reserves the right to set wager x3 on all deposits before withdrawal.
    6. By making the payment on the Website the User pays fees for making deposit on the player account.
    7. In case the service (account replenishment) doesn’t go through, the Casino shall refund the User in full. For it to happen, the User needs to contact our Support Team and raise a query for a refund by stating the reason, sum and way of account replenishment. Your query will be processed within 72 hours. When the information is confirmed the refund will be made through the same payment method which you was the account replenishment (the only exception is payment through terminals network, in which case you will be given choices for the refund payment methods). Following the completion of the approval transaction, the funds will come available on your indicated account within 14 working days.
  10. VIP-Users

    1. VIP-player is the User who has made a onetime deposit of the amount more than naira 77 777. Such a gambling club visitor gets some advantages and benefits over other players.
    2. VIP-client gets additional opportunities and the access to the hidden services of the gambling club. Among them the prioritized support via messengers (Viber and others), opportunity to play new games before the release date on the Website.
  11. Fraudulent Activities

    1. The types of activities given below are forbidden and violate the Rules:
      1. Passing personal information to the third parties;
      2. Conducting the fraudulent activity including but not limited to the software errors, usage of malware, robotized players (bots);
      3. Conducting illegal activities for the personal gain, including the usage of cloned, stolen or illegally obtained data of debit or credit cards to make deposit on the player account;
      4. Participating in any criminal activity which includes money laundering and other activity which causes consequences under criminal law;
      5. Attempting to collude or intention in regards to indirect or direct participation in plots with other players when gambling on this Website.
    2. When the suspicion of your illegal activities arises, the Administration reserves the right to cancel or postpone all the winnings, bonuses which were gained on the Website.
    3. The Administration has the right to take measures aimed at exposing and preventing of the plot between the Users and it has the right to take legal actions against exposed individuals. The Administration is not responsible for the damage and losses caused to the Players as the result of such fraudulent activities.
    4. If you suspect that other User is making a plot or conduct fraudulent activities, you must inform the Administration in the shortest possible time.
    5. The Administration reserves the right at any time without the prior notice to freeze the player Account only in the cases when the User is suspected of the fraudulent activity. In such a case the Company is not responsible for a refund a compensation of the funds which have been on the Player Account. The Casino employees have the right to inform the appropriate authorities and are liable to cooperate with them during the investigation of the situation.
    6. The Players are forbidden to use software for fraudulent or illegal activities or other forbidden transactions in accordance with the law of your country. The Administration of the Website may at any time block or suspend your or other accounts in the system or retain funds. Under no circumstances shall the Users raise the claim against the Website.
  12. Forbidden Activities on the Website

    1. It is forbidden to use aggressive or offensive way of interaction or photos, intimidation, profanity, violent action against other players or the Website employees.
    2. It is forbidden to upload the information the size of which may cause the malfunction of the Website as well as to conduct any other activities that may harm the Website operation process. It is forbidden to use malware or viruses. The messages “spam” and mass mailing are strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to distort and delete any information that is available on the Website.
    3. The Users undertake to use the Website resources only for the entertainment purpose: the Players have no right to copy the Website or any of its parts without preliminary written consent from the Administration.
    4. The Users shall not try to get access to the security system or try to circumvent its rules. In case the Administration of the Website becomes suspicious that the Players try to hack the Website software or security system, the access for such a player shall be denied and the player account shall be temporarily blocked. The Administration reserves the right to inform the appropriate authorities of the fraudulent activities.
    5. The Administration is not responsible for any loses which were caused by the third parties or by the malfunction of the informational technology caused by the viruses or malware.
    6. It is forbidden to pass the player accounts, sell them or lose the chips with the purpose to pass them to other player. Such chip loss may happen in those cases when the Player purposely loses the game in order the other Player to win the money.
  13. Terms of the Agreement

    1. The Administration of the Website reserves the right to withdraw commissions or the amount of debt before the player account is closed. If the player account has been already blocked or deleted, then it will be impossible to cash out the payback or the refund of additional funds such as bonuses.
    2. In case the player account is deleted (frozen) none of the parties shall have obligations toward each other.
    3. The Company reserves the right to annul the player account without prior notice to the Player in the following cases:
      1. If due to some reasons specifically your account was suspended;
      2. If it is discovered that you are related to the account that was previously deleted;
      3. If the player account is related with already frozen accounts the Administration reserves the right to block the player account.
      4. If the hacking attempt is discovered or the User is caught in the fraudulent activities;
      5. If the User uses different systems to manipulate the software;
      6. If the User uses the Website for illegal actions, for example, accesses the gambling games within the territory of the country where they are forbidden;
      7. If the Player leaves offensive or derogatory information about the Website.
    4. In case the player account was inactive during 6 months, it may be temporarily frozen or closed without the prior notice.
    5. The venue reserves the right to delete the player account and send prior notification on the address (phone number) indicated in your profile. If the reason for the account closing is not fraudulent activities or rules violation, the Administration unfreezes the balance on the player account. In other circumstances if the Player does not get in touch, the game funds shall be transferred to the supervisory authority or agency.
  14. Changes of the Rules

    1. For the purpose to establish the proper operation of the Website and service updates the Administration at its sole judgment may make any changes or additions at any time without prior notice.
  15. System Errors

    1. In case there are game errors or the failure in the Website system operation, the Administration will try to fix this situation in short time. The venue is not responsible for breakdowns or malfunction of that software and appliances which are used by the User to get access to the resource, as well as any problems in the work of the Player’s Internet provider.
  16. Work Flaws

    1. When working with the Website some problems with payments or bets may occur on the part of the Website. Among such errors may be the following examples: miscalculation of the winnings, wrong calculation of the paybacks, wrong setting of the playing bets caused by incorrect input of the information.
    2. The Company has the right to cancel or restrict any bet.
    3. If the Player has already used the funds assessed by mistake, the Company has the right to cancel any winnings or bets, which the Player has got or could have got by these funds. If the funds from such bets or games have been already paid, they shall have the status “Transferred” and the Player undertakes to pay it back to the Administration on its first request.
    4. The venue, its employees, partners, providers are not responsible for any damages (including but not limited to the loss of the winning) caused as a result of the mistake made either by the venue or by the Player.
    5. The venue, its license holders, subsidiary companies, distributors, affiliate branches, their managers or employees are not responsible for the losses, that may be caused by the misuse of the information transferred via the Internet.
  17. Liability Limitations of the Venue

    1. The Player agrees that he/she is fully responsible for making the choice to use the Website resources and he/she manages the funds at their sole discretion.
    2. The Website functions in accordance with the rules indicated on the resource. The Company does not provide additional guarantee in regards to the venue services and by law excludes its liability in regards to any additional guarantee.
    3. The venue is not responsible for misdemeanor, broken contracts, loses and damages, including the loss of reputation, profit, data and other types of losses, which are impossible to foresee. The Company is not responsible for the content of the resources that may be found with the help of the Website.
  18. Violation of the Rules

    1. The Player is responsible to compensate all the expenses, claims, charges, court costs and all similar expenditures which may be caused by the Player’s violation of the rules.
    2. The Player undertakes to compensate the losses, defend the Company interests, as well as the interests of appropriate public officials, employees and the managers from any demands, claims, loses, expenses, charges and damages, caused by the following reasons:
      1. Violation of the Website rules;
      2. Violation of the rights or the laws of the third parties;
      3. Passing personal login information to the Website resources to other individuals with or without your consent;
      4. Receiving winnings from an authorized player account.
    3. When the Player violates these rules, the Company reserves the right to (but not undertakes to fulfill):
      1. Inform the Player about the current violation and demand to seize them;
      2. Temporary freeze the player account to restrict the access to the games on the Website;
      3. Block the player account without the prior notice;
      4. Withdraw from the player account the amount of winnings, bonuses or payments which the Player gained through the fraudulent activities or serious violations.
    4. The Administration reserves the right to delete the player account in those cases when the Player does not follow the rules.
  19. Copyright

    1. All the Website resources are subject to property right and copyright, which belong to the game Website or to license holder of the third parties. All printed or downloaded materials shall be downloaded only on one device and printed out for non-commercial personal use.
    2. The Administration of the Website shall not grant the right to use intellectual property of its own Company or third parties.
    3. The reproduction or usage of the trademarks, trade name, creative materials or other logos represented on the Website is forbidden.
    4. The Players are responsible for any expenses, charges or damages, caused by their illegal activities. The Player shall inform the Administration of the venue of any forbidden activities of other players and cooperate in the investigation of the issue in question.
    5. The payment information, including the name, address, checking account shall be represented to provide some of the services of the Website. This information shall be used exclusively for invoicing and payments. We do not store information of your credit card.
  20. Privacy Policy

    1. The venue shall follow the rules to protect the Players’ personal information. This information includes the data gathered when you visit the Website. The Casino treats the information of every single Player carefully; therefore, the usage of such information is strictly restricted by the rules of the Company. The Casino processes all the personal data in accordance with the section of the Privacy Policy.
    2. By providing personal information for the Website, you automatically give consent for it to be processed for the purposes indicated by the Administration in order to comply with the regulatory and legal liabilities.
    3. The main purpose of the Company is to store the Users’ personal data which shall be revealed only to some employees in order to provide the Player with the complete package of services.
    4. In order to save your exact information, the copies of the letters received from the Users (including emails) shall be stored on the Website.
  21. Work with the files "COOKIE"

    1. The Company uses “cookie” to ensure the best functionality of the Website. Cookie is a small text file that is automatically saved on your device which you use to enter the Website. It enables to process your login data faster when you visit the Website afterwards. These files may be deleted, but you should keep in mind that deletion or denial to save cookie-files may cause the access limitation to some options and sections of the Website.
  22. Suggestions and Complaints

    1. If there is any problem in the operation of the Website, you should contact the Administration of the Website or the Support Team in the short-term.
    2. In case there are some disagreements, all the emails and communications on the Website shall be presented as the final prove to solve the issue.
    3. The Players acknowledge that the outcome of every game is determined by the random number generator. If there are any discrepancies between the result of the game on the gambling server and your computer, the server data shall be essential and final. If there are any discrepancies between the account balance on the server and your computer screen, the balance on the server shall be considered as the right one. The amount of the play account may be lost due to the technical error or human factor.
  23. Assignment of the Rights

    1. The venue reserves the right to sublease, nominate, assign or pledge rules, in part or in whole without the Players’ consent in those cases when such changes do not affect the Terms and Conditions.
  24. Force Majeure

    1. The Administration is not responsible if the service is not provided or delayed due to some unforeseen events, including wars, natural calamity, Internet attacks, industrial disputes, disruptions of communication systems, civil unrest, which may have pernicious effects.
    2. For the time of force major the access to the Website may be limited and completion of obligations may be postponed. The Administration shall try to use all the resources to solve the issues notwithstanding the circumstances being in place.
  25. Commitments Abandonment

    1. If the Administration is not capable to ensure your completion of obligations the venue shall not use any means of legal defense which they are entitled to. This fact does not exempt the Player to follow terms and conditions.
    2. The refusal of the Website to fulfill any of the rules is not of any legal efficacy if it is not registered officially and passed in a written form in accordance with the described norms.
  26. Legal Conditions

    1. All the rules of the Website are in accordance with the legislation of the Curacao license and all the Players who use the Website resources shall comply with the laws of the jurisdiction of the Curacao license in the settlement of the disputes, which may be resulted by the action, legitimacy or legal relationship established in the Terms and Conditions.
  27. Links Terms

    1. The resource may contain links to external websites which are not maintained by the venue and they are not mentioned in the Rules. The Company is not responsible for the content of those websites, for the sponsorship or the content of the advertisement of the third parties. All the links to external websites are provided for awareness and information only. The Users follow the links and use the resources at their own discretion.
  28. Bonus Terms

    1. The Player may receive bonuses upon successful registration or after, when he/she already has the status Player of our venue. The request to refuse the bonuses may be filed at any time by contacting the Support Team via email Pay careful attention to the terms of every bonus you accept. This section contains general rules of how to work with bonuses on this Website. Some of the bonuses may have additional conditions, which are presented in the description of the selected bonus.
    2. If the Player violates the rules of the venue and tries to make suspicious transactions, the Administration of the venue has the right to annul bonuses. This rule functions to provide a fair game for all players and protect secure work of the Website.
    3. The bonus funds are accrued only to those players who have provided their phone number during the registration process.
    4. The amount of the minimum deposit may range depending on the selected payment system. To withdraw money which has been gained with the help of the registration bonus you should make deposit. If the Player tries to withdraw bonus funds without making even minimal deposit – the bonus will be deleted by the Administration.
    5. The Wagering Requirements of a Bonus means the total amount of bets you must stake before the Bonus and any accrued winnings can be withdrawn. The Wagering Requirements for each Bonus are set out in the specific terms for the Bonus and will be expressed as a multiple of the Bonus amount, or of the Bonus plus the Deposit amount. The Wagering Requirement for Bonuses will be set out in the terms specific to that Bonus. Not all bets will count towards the Wagering Requirements. Bets on Blackjack, Roulettes, Arcade games (Heads or Better, Dice Twister, etc) Video poker games (Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, etc), Baccarat, Casino Hold'em, 2 Ways Royal, Craps and Sic Bo games contribute 5% of actual wagering on these games towards Your Wagering Requirements.
    6. The following games are excluded from the bonus promotion offer:Scarab Treasure, Sugar Pop, WhoSpunIt Plus, Sugar Pop, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Pinocchio, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped, Fruitbat Crazy, Spinfinity Man, Take The Bank, Ninja, Egyptian Dreams Deluxe, Knockout Football, London Hunter, Magic Oak, Pumpkin Patch, Santa’s Village, MegaBoy HTML5, MegaBoy, Roo Riches, Super Fast Hot Hot Respin, Tree of Fortune, Vegas High Roller, Jade Butterfly, Queen of Gold, 300 Shields, African Quest, Agent Valkyrie, Sweet Chilli, Alchemy Blast, Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion, Beautiful Bones, Book of Oz, Bookie of Odds, Break Da Bank Again Respin, Castle Builder, Cool Buck, Dragon Dance, Forsaken Kingdom, Vampire: The Masquerade - Las Vegas, Gems Odyssey, Gems Odyssey 92, Bikini Party, Scrooge, Le Kaffee Bar, Magic of Sahara, Peek-a-Boo - 5, Reel, Pets Go Wild, Reel Gems, Retro Reels, Retro Reels Diamond Glitz, Retro Reels - Extreme Heat, Tomb Raider, Stardust, Tomb Raider - Secret of the Sword, Untamed Giant Panda, Village People Macho Moves, Wild Orient, Zombie Hoard, Hot Ink, Medusa, Santa Goes Wild, Art of the Heist, Castle Builder II, Spectacular Wheel of Wealth, Tomb Raider, Untamed Bengal Tiger, Untamed Crowned Eagle, Untamed Wolf Pack, Wheel of Wealth, Wheel of Wealth Special Edition, Wild Orient, Skulls UP!, Three Musketeers, Plinko, Plinko HR, Cupid Strike 2, Divine Forest, Lemur Does Vegas, Mines Of Gold, Summer Splash.
    7. Most of Slot games contribute 100%. These percentages can be changed from time to time so please make sure to contact our support team each time to find out a certain game’s wagering contribution.
    8. The percentage of bets that contribute towards wagering requirements may differ for other bonus offers, but this will be made clear within the terms for those specific offers. Please read the wagering requirements carefully for each bonus offer you may receive.
    9. Important notice, in order to protect from high-risk bonus wagering each bet should be less or equal to 20% of original amount of active bonus, if during wagering the bonus a players stakes a bet higher than 20% of original amount of active bonus then such bet will contribute only 20% of original amount of active bonus to wagering requirements.
    10. We reserve the right to revoke and/or cancel any bonuses and winnings that We regard may have been redeemed by misuse of the system. Abusing player accounts may be terminated immediately. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of any Bonus promotional offer at any time and it is the responsibility of the player to periodically check for changes and updates.
  29. Lottery winnings and bonuses from the Administration

    1. The lottery winnings available on the resource have precise system of accruals, usage and wagers for very lottery separately. Please, pay attention that the rules for every lottery and promotion are described on the Website.
    2. Prior to participate in the active lottery or promotion the Player undertakes to familiarize with the rules. If he/she agrees to participate in the lottery or promotion, he/she gives consent to follow through the obligations to fulfill the rules.
    3. Loyal Players receives bonuses from the Administration who has its personal wager. The standard amount of wagers is х40 but its size may depend on the Player’s status. In order to clarify the amount of your personal wager you should contact the Support Team after you have received the bonus.
  30. Fraudulent activities with the bonuses

    The venue reserves the right to check the tracking data and transactions at any time without giving any explanation. If violation of the bonus usage is discovered during such a checkup, the Administration has the right to cancel those bonuses. If the Player uses some schemes to get winnings with the help of the bonuses, the venue has the right to apply all above actions as well as exclude the Player of all the next promotions. Below are some examples which are inaccessible during the wagers of the bonuses: The Player places several minimum bets at one time for the purpose to get winnings with the minimal balance loss may be suspected of the fraud and suspended from the access to the bonuses. One of the examples may be bets on all even or all odd numbers on the roulette. The Player who places high bets in the amount that exceeds naira 2000 and later halves the bet may be suspected of using the system of advantageous. Such a strategy may cause the Player to be suspended from the current and next bonuses. Please, pay attention that the telephone number indicated in the profile may be used for the verification of the User’s identification. If the Administration fails to contact the Player he/she may be limited in the usage of the bonuses that may later lead to the player account be blocked. The venue may at any time edit, change, supplement the rules of the bonuses usage. It is the Players responsibility to learn and check the conditions indicated on the Website.

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